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Patrick McKenzie (@patio11) coined a concept called "friendcatchers," or rather, his mom did.

The quote from a Microconf talk goes like this:

Patrick, you should learn to cook. Don't learn to cook because you want to eat food - learn to cook because if you learn to cook you will have an excuse for the rest of your life to bring people over to your house.

A "Friendcatcher" is something you offer for free, that helps you catch friends. 1

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"Why Next.js" has been read by about 1,000 people this year. And while that's not a ton of readers, each reader was interested in Next.js — my kind of people.

If there's a field, technology, or company you're interested in, I highly recommend writing about it.

Writing about my experience with Next.js is part of how I got this job.

Next.js + Vercel

I'm thrilled to announce that I'm joining Vercel and start next week. I've been a believer in Next.js for quite a while now and am very excited to help more devs get into the Next.js & Vercel ecosystem.

Since using the framework on an internal tool back in 2018, I've used it on every project. Next.js has become more powerful over time yet still has a phenomenal developer experience.

Next.js deployed to Vercel gives me & every other frontend developer superpowers. The two together form a large Pit of Success, making it simpler to do the right thing. Building a better internet happens one website at a time.

I've been super impressed with everything the Vercel team has done: fostering a great open source community, hosting multiple virtual conferences, open-sourcing tons of great starter projects, and all while creating a fantastic framework & platform. Everything they make is very thoughtful and polished.

I can't believe I'm joining such an amazing team and am super excited to start.

Want to talk about Next.js for your side projects or day job? Hit me up on Twitter @dbredvick.

P.S. — this Tweet aged well 🙂


  1. Check out @swyx's post for more details on friendcatchers

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