Hi, I'm Drew.

I work a full-time job in tech and bootstrap products on the side to earn my financial freedom. I write about the traps developers (me) fall into while starting businesses. Read more.

I'm interested in tech that enables solo-founders to build sustainable companies. Tech I'm interested in right now: Amplify, Next.js, Supabase, Tailwind, and Vercel.
I love all things finance – personal, business, stock market, etc. I've recently become interested in the buying and selling of small SaaS companies. My goal is to earn a full-time income via bootstrapped products.
Building FitVitals
As I was evaluating performance monitoring tools, I noticed they are all missing the team-based features. I'm building FitVitals cross functional teams and Core Web Vitals as first class citizens.
Documenting my progress
I write for a few reasons: I like helping other people, I think more clearly when I'm writing, and it keeps me accountable. I've written quite a bit about Next.js, Core Web Vitals, and various side projects.

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