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Work in Progress – Still looking for Ruby on Rails starters to add. DM me if you have one!


In a quest to learn Django & Vue, I found a project, SaaS Pegasus, that had great examples of how to build a software as a service using that stack.

A few commands later I had a working project locally with:

and I'm probably missing much more the project provides.

Should I use a SaaS starter?

Yes. Unequivocally yes.

Save yourself time, money, and effort & spend those resources finding product-market fit instead of setting up auth for the thousandth time.

Node coding the app yourself? Cool. Generate the codebase in a language your developer knows and hand it to them. You'll save one week of consulting fees and plenty of wasted time.

List of SaaS Starters by language

React SaaS starters


In the past, I've used Divjoy to jump start my Next.js software projects. I built:

What's included



Price: $149 one-time purchase

If you'd like more info, I've written an extensive review of Divjoy and keep it updated as new features launch.


Note: I have not used Gravity, this information is all publicly available info on their marketing website.

Update: I am using Gravity on a current project. Review inbound. So far, so good.

What's included



Price: $795

Their tagline is as follows:

Save $16,403 by not writing these 10,000+ lines of code

A bold claim, but this starter includes a lot of features and lines of code.

Next SaaS starters

Next.js Subscription Payments

I'm using this starter right now for a project I have not yet launched. Under the hood it uses Supabase.

In depth review coming soon

Price: $0 – it's open source!


We talked about Divjoy a few sections up. It has the ability to generate Next.js projects as well as Create-React-App projects.

Django SaaS starters

SaaS Pegasus

I purchased this starter to learn what a mature Django & Vue architecture could look like.

What's included



Price: $295 for a single site, $750 for unlimited

Laravel SaaS starters

Jetstream + Spark

If you are a Laravel dev, I'm sure you've already heard of these options. They're amazing and should be your default choice.

Price: $99 per project or $199 for unlimited (Spark only, Jetstream is free)

Ruby SaaS starters

Used a good Ruby on Rails starter before? DM me and I'll add it to the list!

.NET SaaS starters


I couldn't find many .NET options, but this one seemed to be the most legit. Disclaimer: I didn't spend two grand on a .NET SaaS starter, so this info is all from their marketing pages.

What's included



Price: $1,999 🀯

This is the by far the most expensive option, but I think this company's target market is companies and not developers trying to build a side project. (Check out the brands listed on their marketing page β€” Deloitte has a pretty big budget)

Have a starter to add?

DM me your starter on Twitter and I'll add it do the list.

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