Reversion to the mean

It's easy to convince yourself that you're an outlier – at least it's easy for me to fall into this trap.

Steve Jobs had amazing product insight without talking to hundreds of customers. Don't count on being Steve. Count on being average.

Some sales deals don't require insane amounts of follow up and close in one or two calls. Don't plan on this deal being one of those deals.

Act as if it's an average deal, send the follow up email, and do your due diligence.

Some have great genetics are barely need to hit the gym to stay fit. Don't count on it. Assume you're the average person who needs 5x a week lifts and 2x a week cardio days.

My most controversial take: it's easy to think salaries will continue to rise in tech. Don't count on it. Treat your salary like an NFL player in their prime time and stack away cash and investments.

Don't count on being an outlier.

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