I'm your new podcast co-host

I see a lot of people looking for podcast co-hosts right now in the SaaS world. I'm looking for one myself. Then I had a thought.

Can you productize a podcast co-host?

Seems like a stupid question maybe, but let's give it a try.

Here's some audio you can use as you see fit to create your very own "two people talking about software" podcast.

By the way, here are some of my favorite podcasts you should check out for inspiration:

⏺ Okay, let's start recording.




"How's your project going this week?"


"Are you blocked on anything?"


"So have you migrated to a single PHP file yet?"


"Do you really need that functionality to ship a first version, though?"


"How many sales have you made this week?"


"Is there a way to target B2B for this instead?"



"Doesn't Rob Walling have an article on that? or maybe it's Patio11?"


"Did you see the post this week on the top of IndieHackers?"


"I think I saw a Twitter thread about this."



"Okay so what are you going to work on this week then?"


"Yeah you're probably right. That's a better thing to focus on."


"You should probably raise your prices"


"Make sure you don't forget about marketing this"



"Hey thanks for chatting. Let's do this again next week?"


Oh no, now we're both out of excuses, aren't we? See you on the iTunes charts.

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