Highlights from All-In ep. 41

In the continuing series of "podcast clips I enjoyed", here's one from a few weeks ago.


Episode 41 of All-In was one of my favorites. Hearing the perspective from investors about their own careers and their advice for people starting out is inspiring.

I listen to the All-In podcast mostly for entertainment. It's a good group of friends going back and forth about the news, debating issues I care about. But this episode was different. It was full of deep insights from long careers in the tech world.

There was a short 30-second clip from Chamath that sticks in my head.

Was I lucky to have actually joined Facebook versus MySpace? Yes, but when I was there, did I fucking hit the cover off the ball? God damn yes.

It's a great reminder that when you catch a lucky break, when you're experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, take full advantage of it.

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