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Drew Bredvick
August 31st, 2020 · 1 min read
A little about me and what I'm working on.

Hi, I’m Drew.

I build products and write about web dev, building and marketing SaaS, and the books I’m reading.

Right now, I’m building with Next.js, Vercel, AWS Amplify, and TailwindCSS.

I love the intersection of marketing and software development and topics like:

  • analytics
  • SEO
  • lifecycle emails
  • content marketing
  • performance monitoring

and more.

Right now, I’m digging deep on Core Web Vitals & their impact on SEO.

I write a little bit.

This blog has existed for quite some time, though under various domain names.

Some of my favorite posts are:

I recently decided to start a separate site for my Next.js content at NextjsNotes.com.

I’m in the process of recording tutorial videos to accompany my Next.js and Core Web Vital content.

recording setup

I’m building Fit Vitals.

I’m convinced Core Web Vitals are a big deal. I wrote an entire article on why Vitals provide more accuracy, alignment for teams, and more actionable analytics. DM me on Twitter

Fit Vitals is a SaaS application aimed at helping search engine optimizers and engineers monitor, alert, and improve their Core Web Vitals.

I live in Austin.

My beautiful fiancée and I moved to Texas a little over two years ago.

The weather is great, the breakfast tacos as tasty, and no one judges me for over using “y’all” 🤠

I tweet.

I probably spend too much time on Twitter, but it’s a great place to document my journey to running a profitable SaaS.

You can follow my journey @DBredvick or sign up below for emails.

To get ahold of me, either DM me on Twitter or email me at drewb@hey.com.

See you on the other side,


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