Nov 1, 2020

Hi, I’m Drew.

I bootstrap products as a solo-founder while working a full time job (see Leafly.com).
I’ve been entrepreneurial my entire life, starting with affiliate marketing and owning a lawn mowing business at 13.
Earning a living by creating useful tools for people on the internet and getting paid to tinker is my dream job.



Right now this project is my main focus. I spend a ton of time on Twitter, and everyone seems to complain about DMs.
Twitter added functionality to help brands deal with massive DM volume but never rolled it out to all users.
This project gives everyone DM superpowers, not just brands.

Bootstrapper’s Journey Weekly newsletter

I’m documenting my journey to ramen profitability. This newsletter serves as a weekly update on my progress. It’s half public accountability, half sharing what I learn.
I send one email a week with a behind the scenes look at what I’m building and how it’s going.


Core Web Vitals are a big deal. I’ve written a bunch about them and am certain they’ll change the world of perf monitoring on the web.
I saw a gap in the market to provide vitals monitoring for teams and am launching in late 2021.


I made this site as a home for my longer form content — stuff that’s meant to live longer and isn’t timely. The content ranges from personal growth to debugging technical issues.
Some of my favorite posts are:
You can find a list of topics I’ve written about at drew.tech/topics.


Right now, I’m building with Next.js, Vercel, Tailwind, and Supabase.
Be on the lookout for a detailed post on how I build projects from the ground up.

I live in Austin.

My beautiful fiancée wife and I moved to Texas about three years ago.
The weather is great, the breakfast tacos are tasty, and no one judges me for over using “y’all” 🤠
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See you on the other side,

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