Sun Nov 01 2020

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Hi, I’m Drew.

I build products and write about web dev, building and marketing SaaS, and the books I’m reading.

Right now, I’m building with Next.js, Vercel, Amplify, Tailwind, and Supabase.

I love the intersection of marketing and software development and topics like:

  • analytics
  • SEO
  • lifecycle emails
  • content marketing
  • performance monitoring
Right now, I’m focused on Core Web Vitals & their impact on SEO. I’m building FitVitals to help product & eng teams stay on top of perf.

I’m building Fit Vitals.

I’m convinced Core Web Vitals are a big deal. I wrote an entire article on why Vitals provide more accuracy, alignment for teams, and more actionable analytics.

Fit Vitals is a SaaS application aimed at helping product and engineering teams collaborate to improve performance, stay on top of organic traffic, and avoid poor user experience.

I write about being a technical solo-founder.

I’m very much a fan of GaryVee’s concept of “document, not create” and being transparent.

I write about the ups and downs of IndieHacking in my spare time.

Some of my favorite posts are:


You can find a list of topics I’ve written about at drew.tech/topics

I live in Austin.

My beautiful fiancée wife and I moved to Texas about three years ago.

The weather is great, the breakfast tacos are tasty, and no one judges me for over using “y’all” 🤠

My goal is to earn a full-time income via bootstrapped products.

I’ve been entrepreneurial my entire life, starting with affiliate marketing and owning a lawn mowing business at 13.

Earning a living by creating useful tools for people on the internet while following my personal interests is my dream job.


See you on the other side,



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