I’m Drew Bredvick. I live in Austin, TX, where I both build and sell the future.

I’ve loved computers since assembling one from parts with my dad in fourth grade. I’ve been creating (and breaking) things on the computer ever since.

With skills I picked up from endless hours of Age of Empires, RollerCoaster Tycoon, and RuneScape, I spend a lot of time scratching my entrepreneurial itch. On average, I’ve shipped a new side project once a quarter over the last few years.

After spending the first part of my career building ecommerce sites and improving my technical tool belt, I’ve pivoted to an equally difficult part of company building: sales and marketing.

Today, I’m a sales engineer at Vercel, where we’re working on building the SDK for the Web. My team helps large and small companies adopt Next.js and Vercel by assisting with software architecture and technical issues while migrating.

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