Old projects, a new job, and good podcasts

Long time, no see. A quick update on my side projects and recent career change.

Old projects (with new life)

It’s been a while since I’ve shipped any meaningful code to Plz DM Me. It’s a great project with a lot of potential, so I’d hate to see all of the code go to waste.

I’ve never known exactly what to do with old somewhat finished projects.

UPDATE: I sold Plz DM Me.

A new job

I am one month in at my new job at Vercel and I’m loving it. I’ve admired the high-quality work the Vercel team puts out for quite a while. I’m really glad to be on the team and can’t wait to show you all the great stuff the team is working on.

p.s. — ever need help with your Vercel account? Feel free to DM me on Twitter.

Notable links

I’ve listened to this IndieHackers podcast episode a few times through now. Michael Seibel joins Courtland to talk about starting a company, if bootstrapping is better than raising VC, and the traps along the path to building a real business.

Also, Next.js 11.1 shipped and there are tons of promising details. Tons of perf improvements, a shift towards Rust-based build tooling, and small quality-of-life improvements to existing components.

I’ve been seeing the success of Calend.so, an open-source Calendly alternative. I think we’ll see more projects like this:

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Drew Bredvick
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July 10th 2021

How can I help?

That’s it for this issue!

I appreciate you reading this update. If you ever need any idea feedback, technical advice, or help getting started, let me know. One of my favorite things is helping people get a new project off the ground.

See you on the other side,


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