Being on the hook


If you're reading this, that means you gave me your email on my blog. My purpose for collecting emails was to simply send out a message each time I posted.

In addition to notification emails, I'm starting a series about my attempt to bootstrap project(s) to supplement my full-time income.

I'm going to be transparent with the ups, downs, and document everything I'm learning along the way. Sometimes the content will be technical, other times it will be about trying to find product-market fit and figuring out pricing.

Why write a weekly newsletter? Put simply, accountability.

It's easy to create side project after side project, tell no one about it, and shut it down six weeks later. Instead, I'm choosing to put myself "on the hook".

What is being "on the hook"? Seth Godin has talked a lot about it, starting back in 2013.

Mentorship works for two reasons ... But mostly, it works because the person with a mentor has a responsibility to stand up and actually get moving. The only way to repay your mentor is by showing the guts it takes to grow and to matter.

The only way for me to repay you for your time is to share valuable insights. Valuable insights come from doing the work.

This newsletter is a forcing function, not only for becoming a better writer and thinker, but also a better builder, marketer, and seller.

What to expect

I'll be writing at least once a week about what I'm working on and learning. Next week I'll be sending out an introduction to my current project,

I will cover:

  • an overview of the problem I'm solving
  • how I'm making technical decisions
  • thoughts on pricing

P.s. — please yell at me if you see me falling into any of these traps.

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Drew Bredvick
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February 23rd 2021

If you are not interested in hearing more from me, please unsubscribe. I’d hate to clutter up your inbox if you don’t find this valuable. The link is in the footer below.

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