Is there good tech debt? - Issue #8

Is there good tech debt? - Issue #8

When building new projects it’s tempting to avoid tech debt at all costs. But is that the right decision?

Yes, good tech debt exists.

If you’re building a new project (no product-market fit yet), use tech debt to your advantage. I recently wrote an in-depth blog post with my reasoning.

On good tech debt On good tech There’s good debt and bad debt. Here’s a look at technical debt through a financial lens. Believe it or not, some technical debt is good.


So go forth and write scrappy code in your new projects (you'll be able to get rid of it later if your project is still around).

Notable links

Drew Bredvick’s Next.js Conf Ticket Drew Bredvick’s Next.js Conf Join Drew Bredvick for a special edition of Next.js Conf, presented by the creators of Next.js and Google Chrome.

Next.js Conf 2021 is here — sign up on the awesome experience that supports a fun realtime interaction with other guests of the conference. Last year's conference (summary here) was great, very excited to see what happens this year.

Check out this thread from Colleen who’s currently building Simple File Upload. I highly recommend checking out her podcast, Software Social, that she does with Michele Hansen. It’s a great comparison of starting a new SaaS vs. growing an existing one. This show is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

What’s next

In the theme of "good tech debt", I’m shipping a scrappy V1 FitVitals landing page. I took some of my learnings from 30x500, simplified the design and copy, and am finishing up some useful functionality for folks interested in their Core Web Vitals.

Here's a snippet from the new copy:

[caption align="alignnone" width="980"][/caption]

Keep an eye out on Twitter, I'll post it there when I'm done later this week.

See you on the other side,


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