44/1000 — Components and Tailwind

One of the most critical steps for building with TailwindCSS is to lean into component-driven development.

Lots of folks make the argument that "Tailwind results in too much duplication of code."

The fix here, at least in JS framework development, is to lean into componentization.


In this case, I've created a wrapper <Layout> component that wraps the entire application when the visitor is logged in.

function CustomApp({ Component, pageProps, router }: AppProps) {
  return (
    <Provider value={client}>
      <Layout path={router.pathname}>
        <Component {...pageProps} />
        <Toaster position="top-center" />

The <Layout> component properly renders the layout type based on which path the user is on.

Now, I'm able to create individual pages more quickly and have cut down on some of that duplicate code.

🏎 Performance note

Your <Layout> component might not be tree-shaken since the layouts are determined by each route. If you've got heavy dependencies in your layouts, consider wrapping each Next.js page individually rather than at the _app.tsx level.

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